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Top 10 weird viruses you've never heard of

Top 10 weird viruses you've never heard of Hey! Welcome to my Blog! From the time we are born and until well into our adult time, we’re constantly being told what we should be protecting our bodies from.  We’re told to get vaccinated, to use bug repellant, to stay away from certain countries, to remove ticks immediately, to use protection during intercourse, and why? Because we’re all afraid of dying from a weird virus, of course.  Top 10 weird viruses However, it is true that there are a lot of viruses out there we’ve never heard of and are oblivious to being scared of. Which is EXACTLY what we're going to tell about today in this blog post!    1- Rotavirus  Rotavirus is a rampant virus in children that causes the small intestine to release water into the gut causing diarrhea, dehydration and more devastating symptoms.  By age 5, almost all children have been infected at least once. It’s pretty small and travels through the fecal-oral route. Even just a little b

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