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Top 10 Animals that are About Going to extinct in near future

Top 10 ANIMALS About to Go EXTINCTHey! Welcome to my Blog! There are about 8.7 million species on Earth, about these 6.5 millions are living on land and 2.2 million in oceans. More than 99% of all species, which is estimated to be over 5 billion, that have ever lived on Earth, , have already disappeared about millions of years ago. 

Nowadays, it seems like that number is growing exponentially every year. Here are the top ten animals that we selected today that are about to go extinct.  

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1- Orangutan Orangutans, along with gorillas, chimpanzees, and us humans, are members of the great ape family. And although they’re less closely related to us than gorillas, chimps, and bonobos, they’re still classed as our distant cousins.
Orangutans are the only Asian great ape and can be found swinging in the treetops of Bornean and Sumatran rainforests. There are three species: the Sumatran, the Bornean, and the recently discovered Tapanuli. There …

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